A second home for our guests

We at LikeDaheim would like to offer our guests the opportunity to feel a little bit at home while travelling.

With this goal in mind, after long and intensive work, we opened the first floor of our apartment building in May 2021 and welcomed our first guests.

Over the next few months, our small team had their hands full completing our two additional floors, clearing initial hurdles, and creating our website.

Today we look back on our first year with LikeDaheim full of pride, new experiences, and lots of new knowledge.

Our sustainability – Always act with an eye on the future

One of the topics that is very important to us as a team and is also becoming increasingly important in general is our environment and how we treat it.

As an accommodation facility, we therefore try to act in the interest of our environment by consciously using sustainable products and thus reduce the environmental pollution we cause.

At the same time, our building is equipped with a photovoltaic and rainwater utilization system, which enables us to generate 2/3 of our electricity needs ourselves.

In this way we hope to make our own small contribution to a greener future!


Your LikeDaheim team